Video Productions

Orange Dragin can provide studio productions from our green screen studio for smaller projects to larger sound stages for more elaborate size production. We fit the studio to your size production.

Bring your crew…
…or put the Orange Dragin crew on your shoot.

Bring your equipment…
…or have Orange Dragin put together the equipment package you need.


  • The studio is 25ft wide with a 40ft throw
  • Full head to toe shot
  • Acoustical ceiling for sound treatment
  • Green Screen is pre-lit
  • Portable Green Screen cloths available for draping props
  • Camera  /  Lighting  / Audio equipment available
  • Kitchen and conference room


Out of town?

Need someone interviewed?

They can come to our studio and you can interview them via Facetime or Skype. We can use our green screen wall for you to put in your own background or we can dress the set to your look.

Orange Dragin Group can handle all aspects of professional location video/television production…
or just the portions you need help with.

We can provide:

  • Project management
  • Crew and equipment
  • Shoot your video program, television show, web content or other visual communications need


  • Discuss creative ideas and treatment
  • Design the style of your production
  • Scriptwriting
  • Budgeting
  • Prepare production specifications
  • Coordinate logistics of the shoot
  • Location scouting or production management
  • Coordination of crew and equipment


Orange Dragin Group can provide all or part of crew and equipment necessary to film your project. We provide creative professionals from two man ENG crews to full productions supplying all positions and shooting in whatever format or workflow is desired.

Or we only supply the portion of production you need us to supply.

We’ve shot everything from open heart surgery to restoring Model A’s…
We’ve interviewed people from United States Presidents to CEO’s, musicians and superstars to the little old lady next door.

We can cover everything from reality television shows to capturing footage during live events…
We cover scripted productions to documentaries…
With over 30 years of experience, our seasoned professionals have shot everything, at least twice.


The tools used to capture images are changing faster than ever before.
We keep up on the changing trends and offer you options for your production.
Call for specific equipment. Or rest assured that we will use the best equipment options for your
Project, program or budget. Additional production items include everything from:

  • Camera Jibs
  • RC Helicopters (DRONES)
  • Grip Trucks
  • Satellite trucks
  • GoPro

We have established relationships with the tools and the talents of all movie making standards.